We’re already working with some of Europe’s leading financial institutions, media and entertainment firms, as well as the public sector to help them explore the advantage marQuake gives them. Examples are:
Life Science - We are building platforms for the life science industry using Artificial Intelligence, with preloaded Algorithms to enable Machine Learning and thus speed science, reduce cost and thereby enhance patients well being.

Banking & other financial services – decision-making based on monitoring changes and sentiment across thousands of financial and news sources

Retail and marketing – customer attitude and competitive analysis that gives real insight into how a business strategy is working at any moment in time
Risk management – timely data to manage risk more effectively across all kinds of markets

Live events, eg music festivals, conferences – being able to know in ‘real time’ how the audience is reacting and doing

Media, broadcast and publishing –
real-time insights into how people are reacting, what they are saying and who is listening to them

Public sector – real insight into citizens’ attitudes, for instance likely voting behaviour, or satisfaction with local services
Compliance and fraud management – analyse online conversations to help discover underlying activities

Government - the problems and opportunities that the government addresses affect us all. As taxpayers, we all share in paying for the attempted solutions. In almost all cases, these problems entail the need for analysis and understanding before massive spending programs are launched or appropriate regulatory decisions are made. 

In this day and age the place one goes to identify and understand situations is the data; and proper analysis and accurate interpretation of that data are essential prerequisites for intelligent action.