The secret of the marQuake difference is a powerful set of underlying algorithms. Representing years of R&D, these algorithms set a new benchmark in finding and analysing online information. Around those algorithms, the marQuake team has designed an elegant, easy-to-use and highly customisable set of features. These include :
Monitoring millions of sources - Twitter, Disqus, Wordpress, Facebook, Youtube, Reddit, Instagram and over hundred thousand news sources, forums and communities, subscription services, internal networks – plus more can be added on request
Filters – tailored to each customer, based on target authors, sources, location, language, influence and many other parameters
Exportable – the marQuake API can be used to integrate easily with other systems (eg CRM or BI tools)

Intelligent metrics – for instance, map results against internal sales figures, marketing leads or share price performance
Minimal IP impact – primarily a cloud-based service, marQuake can be implemented without any impact on existing IT. It can also be supplied as an on-premise solution if required.
Evolving – marQuake ‘learns’ and becomes more attuned to the organization’s needs the more it is used.
Alerts – the service can be set up so that users receive alerts when there is a significant event (for instance an upturn or downturn in market sentiment)
Mobile – marQuake has been designed with mobile users in mind from day one
Secure – Windows Azure servers hosted by Microsoft in Europe ensure that European data stays within the region and is highly secure